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Why should you have a professional Resume?
  • It’s easier to get a job!
  • My name is Mark, I have extensive experience across all professions, industry areas and trade occupations, both as an applicant and an interviewer. I am a resume writer who services Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and all country regions.
  • As we know in today’s economic market, finding a job can be extremely difficult. Many candidates apply for one job. What happens? The best resumes get shortlisted for interview.
  • Your resume is a marketing document and should be easy and simple to read. Did you know that you have 1 minute only to impress a future employer? A future employer does not have the time to understand your resume fully to see if you are the candidate that they want to interview. Therefore, a standout resume is very important.
  • Your resume has to make you stand out and shine above the rest. The employer does not know you and therefore you have to emphasise things in a clear and direct way. Employers have a stack of resumes to go through and guess what, if you do not stand out you are not even looked at. It’s that simple!
  • I have years of experience in this field where I create outstanding resumes and cover letters which can help people get that vital interview.
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